Inspired by Love is the True Black

I'm so glad you’re here. Settle in and get comfy.

I believe that everything we experience exists as a story within us. 

My journey as a writer includes the award-winning poem I penned at the ripe old age of seven, decades of hiding and doubt, and then finally… finally!... realizing that art needs to be shared. Storytelling is part of my heritage, even though I denied it for so long. The stories I created - true and imaginary - have saved me numerous times.

My characters come to me, like old friends excited to tell me what's new.

They represent the world I see and the world I want to see.

More than anything, I care about recovery from life’s setbacks… getting back on your feet after life has brought you to your knees… and my characters fight the hard fight for the lives they know are waiting for them.

I’ve drawn my inspiration from the many flavors of my life experience. Once a sad, shy girl, I’ve also been an MIT-trained engineer, biotech executive, professional dancer, yoga teacher and business owner, school founder, spiritual counselor, and entrepreneur.

These days, my favorite titles are author, mother, and hot stuff.

And I own a magic wand that I’m certain will work one day.

When I’m not typing furiously trying to capture the stories that pour from me, you can find me loving my people to excess, globe-trotting to the next great adventure, and sporting bright red lips as a tango diva.




Six quirky, delightful, and totally true things about me:

I snort when I laugh.

My feet are nearly always cold.

My alter ego is a tango-dancing, crimson-lipped Diva.

Although I hardly wear either, I love makeup and perfume.

I wrote a book that predicted meeting my honey.

My daughter was conceived on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas.


If you're looking for more of the official details, you can click here for the other aspect of my full life as a Resilience Coach, Teacher, and Speaker.